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Jul. 28th, 2009

Pin Me Down

New Perspective

damn, i haven't been on here in forever. i kind of forgot about lj. xD oops. boring life is boring. nothing interesting happens. there. story of my life right there.

i do have a twitter where i put a lot of random crap on. especially thoughts that don't make any sense. twitter.com/KStelt.

i keep thinking about how i'm going to be a senior next year and it always makes me remember when i was in 9th grade. seems like forever ago. oh, so my favorite teacher has quit and now i get to help with who will replace him to teach band. hopefully it's someone nice/fun yet can be in charge quickly. it's going to be weird.

just finished reading catch-22, which of course i loved. it was like mindfuck to me. in which i want to title my essay on it "mindfuck: when you read it, you'll shit bricks." don't think the new teacher will like that. xD

it's kind of crazy how many things have happened in music this summer. mj dying, panic! at the disco splitting in two, and the matches completely breaking up. it's sad.

idk what to say anymore. school's coming up. i doubt i'll be updating a lot. tons of shit on my mind. cheers

May. 21st, 2009



Well, it's been a while since I updated! Hmm, what has happened. So much. I took the ACT, got a 24 and not happy with it. Taking it again on June 13. I'm still trying to find a job, and I have an interview with KMart because the application system is kind of weird. It just signed me up for one.

Patrick's home and it's been okay. He's not much of a pain. We're on the same level I think. I think I'll want him to move by the end of this summer though. Found out who's going to be the new drum major for next year, which is two. It's not very good either. I love Josh and Claire but I know I won't be able to stand them a lot.

Got myself a twitter account! It's so awesome, I love it. Even though I just put random crap on there that doesn't make sense to some people. It's great.

Next year/this summer I'm giving myself a new goal. I need to be able to live. Even if I get a job I just need to go out there and have some fun. Right now, I feel like a boring normal girl, which I am, but I need to feel better by going around and being a stupid little teenager. I'm also probably going to be more bitchy next year because I'm so sick of some people's crap. I don't want to be stepped on anymore, I'm going to speak my mind more and fucking love it.

I wrote a review on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new CD. Except I can't seem to find it on this computer in which it can't go on here. Oh well, it's been like two months when it went out anyways. Maybe next time. Hopefully I'll get to review Cobra's new CD (which I should add, is sounding so rad right now!) and Where the Wild Things Are.

In concert news, I fucking saw Fall Out Boy live for the first time and it was super amazing! I danced and screamed so much that night! I had the chance to meet Alex Suarez but it didn't happen, sadly. But I might have another chance to see them with Panic at the Disco and Blink 182! My dream! I love those three bands so much! And I'm exclaiming a lot. Hopefully I'll see those three with EmLoh and whoever wants to go with us.

That's about it in life. Going to be a senior next year, thank god. I'm sick of this school. I've been busy with projects and shit, so maybe since it's almost summer I'll be able to update more. Cheers.

Apr. 5th, 2009


Get It Together

Oh god, I haven't been on in so long! I feel so bad. I just recently found twitter and suddenly become addicted to that! Well, nothing new has really happened in life. ACT's are coming up and I'm freaking out while trying to write the major research paper for English.

I have a prom date? Lmao, it's just my friend Josh. I hate this school I go to too, everybody thinks we're dating. We're just friends people, deal with it. Oh, and now we're dissecting fetal pigs! It's weird for a while. I'm still slowly getting used to it. And now the first big test over the pig is coming up and I'm also freaking out about that.

April just really sucks. I got into NHS though. So big plus I guess since it help with colleges accepting you. I'm also hoping I get a job soon. I need money badly.

I can't remember if this is actually posted but I'm going to see FOB! I'm so fucking happy! I finally get to see my favorite band of all time live! And it's with another favorite, Cobra! I'm excited. May is just going to be one awesome month. I'll finally pracitcally be a "senior" in high school in May! I just have to survive April hopefully.

Oh, and before I go I must say this. Finding colleges to go to sucks. My mom keeps telling me to keep looking and I'm just so tired of it. I don't think I got a day without hearing that word in real life. It freaks me out. Okay, I'm tired of typing so much. Later.

Feb. 10th, 2009


Still Around

So I actually have time to write on my lj for once. Only because I felt like shit at school and couldn't stop coughing. Getting me to go to the nurse and be able to go home for half the day. It feels so wonderful to not be at school right now. I really needed a break.

In awesome news, I'm going to see Fall Out Boy in Chicago! So freaking excited! Whoooo! Not to mention I now know what the hell was wrong with my iTunes when it wouldn't play my songs.

In sad news, the editor for The Voice went to a different job and it really upsets me. Kelsea was so awesome and she really helped me be better at writing reviews and such. I wouldn't have decent if it wasn't for her. So now The Voice is searching for a new editor and meeting leader and I'm scared to see who it will be. Even worse, I won't be able to shadow Kelsea for the job shadowing this year. That really sucks. I'm going to have to shadow someone I don't know.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire and feel in love instantly. It was so freaking amazing. I'm thinking about writing a mock review article just for fun about it because I'm such a freak. But it's totally worth it. Too bad I didn't call it to write for a real review to be put in The Voice.

I'm so sorry Morgan! But I have a date for prom now, even though it's really really early. I decided to ask my friend Josh who's a year younger because he's just awesome. It's going to be so fun. Well, hopefully.

I think that's about it. There's nothing really going on since the fucking play is taking up my time. Even when I'm only in five minutes of one act. I hate Dale Mason with a passion. He ruins lives. And so do possible crushes. He needs to stop being so cute and all that crap. And liking the same music as me. Ugh.


Jan. 22nd, 2009


I Don't Mind

It's been a while since updating. Besides a review. Anyways, FOB are going to be in Chicago with Cobra soon and I want to go so bad. I still need to talk to my mom about it. She'll probably just laugh it off like before. Ugh.

I really hate how forgetful I really can be. I lost my fucking hoodie. Well, one of them. And it was in perfect shape too. Sighhh. Someone probably stole it too.

In good news, I'm really bonding with the drama freaks. Lmao. What can I call them? Would that make me a drama freak since I actually love theatre too? Hmmm. Anyways, I love hanging out with them sometimes. It makes me forget other friend drama. Which happens a lot actually.

Oh, I got a new computer! And my parents didn't tell me until it was actually set up. And they forgot to check if there were any CDs in it. Which my History book on CD was. Wooow. And now I have to wait for probably a few weeks before my dad sets the old one up to get all of my songs from itunes. Well, at least it finally has sound! SOUND! I'm loving it.

I've decided that if I meet anyone in a band, well slightly famous band, I will ask them all the same question. "What is one instrument that you still want to learn to play?" It's simple, they can think a little about it but it doesn't need a ten minute thinkover. I like it. But I feel like it would make me sound really stupid for some reason.

I wish I wasn't so invisible everywhere but I really just suck at talking to people I don't know. Well, on a really personal basis. I'm quiet and really awkward if I'm stuck in a room where I have no idea how to talk to anybody. Perfect example- homeroom. I have Crossland and people are nice in it but ehhh.

That's pretty much it. Oh, went to Theatre Fest about a week ago. Fell in love with so many hot boys. No idea. As well as the best veggie burger I've ever had. Ohhh, it was yummy. And Emilie, Claire, and I decided to change our names to G names for some reason. Emilie= Georgiana. Claire= Gwenyth. Me=Katie= Greta. Yeah. I'm a freak for naming myself after Salpeter. But I can't help it!

Maybe next time I decide to update, I'll have an answer for FOB in Chicago.

Jan. 15th, 2009


Folie a Deux Review

The long-awaited Fall Out Boy album is finally here. After postponing the release from Nov. 4 to Dec. 16, Fall Out Boy fans had to wait longer than expected. "Folie a Deux" - literally, "a madness shared by two" - is the fourth official Fall Out Boy CD.
Much like the own band, the CD will manage to get either love or hate from listeners. There doesn't seem to be any other way around the two extremes when it comes to this band.

There will definitely be problems with exactly the type of music made. Much like "Infinity on High," the single "I Don't Care" doesn't exactly fit or give a prediction of the type of music the CD brings. It's much like playing the game of "Which of These Doesn't Belong" from Sesame Street.

Though the CD doesn't fit an exact music type, the songs are completely different styles while still managing to keep the old Fall Out Boy feel to them.

The first song starts with nobody introducing them lie “Infinity on High” only Patrick Stump's singing and the music. It shows one of the many styles the band put on for "Folie a Deux."

Some noteworthy appearances include Elvis Costello and many artists from the Fueled By Ramen and Decaydance labels, as well as rapper Lil Wayne. The singers from Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance all make their appearances in the song "What a Catch, Donnie," singing some past favorites in the end, such as "This Ain't a Scene" and "Sugar We're Going Down." The song as a whole sounds like a farewell, making it seem like it should belong at the end of the album instead of the middle.

"Tiffany Blews" features Lil Wayne, and honestly, not enough of him. The song is actually quite catchy and good, mixing in some slight rock sound with pop. Lil Wayne doesn't do what he knows best: rapping. Instead, he actually sings a couple lines with some effects that make him sound like a monotone robot.

The song "20 Dollar Nosebleed" features Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco. Stump's and Urie's vocals go well together, giving the song more flare and style.

Just when listeners might think, "No screaming in this CD? Awesome!" they'll be dreadfully mistaken. Of course, the unwanted and unneeded screaming makes its appearance in the last song, "West Coast Smoker," possibly trying to top off the slight rock feel of it. It's the thought that counts, but the screaming just doesn't sound too good.

The album as a whole doesn't sound like any other albums that have been made. It shows just how much the band has grown up, giving fans better lyrics and music to go with them. It's not just about the breakups or feeling angry anymore, there's more emotion compiled in the album unlike some of the group's earlier works.

Fans will be sure to disagree with each other on whether this album is the best or the worst, but hopefully most will understand that the band more than likely spilled their guts into this CD and that the foundation of early Fall Out Boy is still present.

Dec. 19th, 2008


I Don't Care

I'm done with school until the new year! Fuck yes! No more finals that I didn't study for! Hallelujah! Christmas is coming and I'm so excited. School is going by so fast yet so slow at the same time. It completely sucks. Especially when one of my friends keeps complaining about another. dklajfdoa. Nope. Not getting into it.

I'm doing a review on Folie a Deux and I'm excited. I don't have writer's block at all and it just feels wonderful to be writing what I think besides, "It's so great." I actually have some dislikes to write about even though I love the CD like crazy. I have to get it done by Sunday and thankfully I wrote some of it before it came out, since I got the leak. But like a good little fan, I had my mom buy the CD for me. xD I thought I wasn't going to have the time that day.

After all these finals and feeling like a failure in many ways, I think I deserve some good fun that includes alcohol? Y/N? xD God, I feel like a bad kid for putting that up here, but I really don't care.

I think I might be going back on INO for a while. If things get off track again, then I'll take another break from it. I love it and all the people there, but sometimes it really distracts me from more important things. Not that I think the people on there aren't important. They help me too. Damn, I rant too much on here.

Anyways. Fall Out Boy review coming soon. Yay! Christmas presents for me under the Christmas tree. Yay! Somebody needs to be planning a party during break for the group! Yay? Annddd, I know one of the things Morgan is getting for Christmas! Mwahaha. YAY.

Happy Holidays. <3

Dec. 5th, 2008



I just failed two horrible tests and it was not fun. Thursday was Chem and today was Anatomy. I wish I could at least try harder. There's just something about studying that I can't get down. I fill everything out, but when it comes to studying, my mind goes blank. I basically need to just remember things as I'm taught them so I won't have to feel in the dark when it comes to studying. I just don't study.

I still feel so lost. I have no idea what to do with anything right now. I know I feel the gap between the friends is stronger. And it's funny how only this year did I just realize it doesn't matter anymore. Friends go away. Sometimes you may see them from time to time. But soon you'll lose touch with them. They have they're own lives to live. And that's the way it is right now. But what hurts the most is that every single friend I have has another life that could be waiting for them, and I'm the only one with nothing. I'm the chain keeping them right where they are when they want to go away.

My dad comes home and the first thing he says to me is, "Well, I guess I'm lucky." I heard the words laid off and nothing else. I didn't want to hear the news that I would have no idea what to say to. Every year his work does this, and every year I feel like it's coming closer to get us. A horrifying monster creeping on us slowly.

This is such a depressing post but it's the only way to say it out loud. I don't think any of my friends would like to hear me bitch and moan when they have their own problems to deal with. I wish I could feel different right now, I wish I could be in such a good mood. Maybe I'm just craving attention which is one thing I completely hate about myself. My need for attention.

I can only hope next year will be better. And sadly, Alex has never come back to me. There's always this hope that he'll come back but I know it's not true. But still, who the fuck loses their iPod from Art Club to their own car? Yeah, that's right. Me. One more semester. Then one more year of high school.
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Nov. 26th, 2008


Carry Me Home

Thankfully I got out today early from school. Even if it's just one hour. It makes me excited for the break we get. Patrick comes home soon so I'm kind of scared to get on the computer when he gets here. He always bothers me when I'm on it.

I still can't find Alex (missing iPod, yes I named it that) so I have to use my old iPod, Greta. Which is actually Pat's old one. Sighh. I'm so bad at keeping things together. So I now can only put 500 songs on Greta and that's not enough for me. Really. So I'm deciding that I will use whatever Christmas gift cards I get and use those and some money I save up to buy the new iPod nanos. And to tell my mom that I actually lost my old one. Which I'm still incredibly upset about.

FOB are coming to St. Louis and I feel so upset that I can't see them. Again. I just would absolutely love it if I could just see them once in my life. I've missed my favorite band so many times it's not funny. Thankfully Josh knows what to do and decided that we should have a day of rocking out with our own guitars to FOB songs and after that, movie marathon. That kid seriously makes me smile.

Oh, and I'm such a bad kid. I know where the secret Christmas stash is and was really really surprised to see Wii stuff. If we're going to get a Wii this Christmas, I'm going to be so happy. And hopefully we'll get Wii Fit, because that's so fun. I should really start to think about my Christmas memoir I have to write for English class. I really want to write about the time I fell after just standing up to go ice skate. xD But I didn't learn anything of course.

One more thing, my school sucks. Everybody in the school has to take PE every single year. Which means I'm going to General PE. Love Fitness, but not worth it during Senior year. On happy news, I'm getting my hair cut Saturday. Hopefully it'll end up like Katy Perry's. I can't help but loving her hair!

Happy Thanksgiving and whatnot.

Nov. 20th, 2008



Today has been one of the worst days ever. Of course it was an A day, and that just ruins the day somewhat. I mean, who would want Fitness, Chemistry, and English all in one day? I don't. Especially when the Chemistry teacher doesn't teach well at all.

But this morning I saw my phone slip out of my purse and thought I would get it when I get to school. Got there and couldn't find it for the life of me, and it was freezing so I had to go inside before Alana would get mad at me (I had to get there early for Recorders practice. Blegh).

After school is art club and I went there, finally found my phone on the other side of my car and realized that it was basically dead. And it was freezing when you touched it. It really was dead.

Art club ends and I get in my car and can't find my iPod. I freak out, so I run into the art room to make sure I didn't leave it behind and I didn't find any little blue iPod around so I decide that it could be in my car again. I drive and start freaking out that I won't be able to find it. Longer story short, I still can't find it. And I'm freaking out and ladjfioajfa. This is seriously not cool anymore. I want my little blue music player of awesomeness to come back to me. I was even thinking about naming it a good name. But fuck. I'm scared. I can't find it. And it's seriously like, the 4th I've gotten. I'm screwed. And almost crying again. I just don't know what to do.

I complain way too much but this iPod is almost my life. I love it dearly and I just want it back.
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