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I Don't Mind

It's been a while since updating. Besides a review. Anyways, FOB are going to be in Chicago with Cobra soon and I want to go so bad. I still need to talk to my mom about it. She'll probably just laugh it off like before. Ugh.

I really hate how forgetful I really can be. I lost my fucking hoodie. Well, one of them. And it was in perfect shape too. Sighhh. Someone probably stole it too.

In good news, I'm really bonding with the drama freaks. Lmao. What can I call them? Would that make me a drama freak since I actually love theatre too? Hmmm. Anyways, I love hanging out with them sometimes. It makes me forget other friend drama. Which happens a lot actually.

Oh, I got a new computer! And my parents didn't tell me until it was actually set up. And they forgot to check if there were any CDs in it. Which my History book on CD was. Wooow. And now I have to wait for probably a few weeks before my dad sets the old one up to get all of my songs from itunes. Well, at least it finally has sound! SOUND! I'm loving it.

I've decided that if I meet anyone in a band, well slightly famous band, I will ask them all the same question. "What is one instrument that you still want to learn to play?" It's simple, they can think a little about it but it doesn't need a ten minute thinkover. I like it. But I feel like it would make me sound really stupid for some reason.

I wish I wasn't so invisible everywhere but I really just suck at talking to people I don't know. Well, on a really personal basis. I'm quiet and really awkward if I'm stuck in a room where I have no idea how to talk to anybody. Perfect example- homeroom. I have Crossland and people are nice in it but ehhh.

That's pretty much it. Oh, went to Theatre Fest about a week ago. Fell in love with so many hot boys. No idea. As well as the best veggie burger I've ever had. Ohhh, it was yummy. And Emilie, Claire, and I decided to change our names to G names for some reason. Emilie= Georgiana. Claire= Gwenyth. Me=Katie= Greta. Yeah. I'm a freak for naming myself after Salpeter. But I can't help it!

Maybe next time I decide to update, I'll have an answer for FOB in Chicago.


Oh noez, what hoodie was it?! And ohmygod, I wish we would have talked to Matt. C'mon, he was two thumbs up!
It was the orange one. I left it in the small gym. So now I'm going to be using Patrick's Blood Brothers one. xD
And oh god. That would've been so great if we could've talked to him. He was our first two thumbs up in scholastic history!
It never happens! Never!