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Well, it's been a while since I updated! Hmm, what has happened. So much. I took the ACT, got a 24 and not happy with it. Taking it again on June 13. I'm still trying to find a job, and I have an interview with KMart because the application system is kind of weird. It just signed me up for one.

Patrick's home and it's been okay. He's not much of a pain. We're on the same level I think. I think I'll want him to move by the end of this summer though. Found out who's going to be the new drum major for next year, which is two. It's not very good either. I love Josh and Claire but I know I won't be able to stand them a lot.

Got myself a twitter account! It's so awesome, I love it. Even though I just put random crap on there that doesn't make sense to some people. It's great.

Next year/this summer I'm giving myself a new goal. I need to be able to live. Even if I get a job I just need to go out there and have some fun. Right now, I feel like a boring normal girl, which I am, but I need to feel better by going around and being a stupid little teenager. I'm also probably going to be more bitchy next year because I'm so sick of some people's crap. I don't want to be stepped on anymore, I'm going to speak my mind more and fucking love it.

I wrote a review on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new CD. Except I can't seem to find it on this computer in which it can't go on here. Oh well, it's been like two months when it went out anyways. Maybe next time. Hopefully I'll get to review Cobra's new CD (which I should add, is sounding so rad right now!) and Where the Wild Things Are.

In concert news, I fucking saw Fall Out Boy live for the first time and it was super amazing! I danced and screamed so much that night! I had the chance to meet Alex Suarez but it didn't happen, sadly. But I might have another chance to see them with Panic at the Disco and Blink 182! My dream! I love those three bands so much! And I'm exclaiming a lot. Hopefully I'll see those three with EmLoh and whoever wants to go with us.

That's about it in life. Going to be a senior next year, thank god. I'm sick of this school. I've been busy with projects and shit, so maybe since it's almost summer I'll be able to update more. Cheers.