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Pin Me Down

New Perspective

damn, i haven't been on here in forever. i kind of forgot about lj. xD oops. boring life is boring. nothing interesting happens. there. story of my life right there.

i do have a twitter where i put a lot of random crap on. especially thoughts that don't make any sense. twitter.com/KStelt.

i keep thinking about how i'm going to be a senior next year and it always makes me remember when i was in 9th grade. seems like forever ago. oh, so my favorite teacher has quit and now i get to help with who will replace him to teach band. hopefully it's someone nice/fun yet can be in charge quickly. it's going to be weird.

just finished reading catch-22, which of course i loved. it was like mindfuck to me. in which i want to title my essay on it "mindfuck: when you read it, you'll shit bricks." don't think the new teacher will like that. xD

it's kind of crazy how many things have happened in music this summer. mj dying, panic! at the disco splitting in two, and the matches completely breaking up. it's sad.

idk what to say anymore. school's coming up. i doubt i'll be updating a lot. tons of shit on my mind. cheers