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Nov. 17th, 2008


Not Even Half a TAI Review?

Sooo. Not even half of this was finished. I couldn't deal with writing a review at the time since school just started and blahblahblah. Maybe I should finish it someday.

The alternative rock sound of The Academy Is… is back with another album. Fast Times at
Barrington High came out August 19 with the single Summer Hair = Forever Young.

The record differs in a few ways from Santi and Almost Here. Yet it still combines the catchy tunes and choruses of Almost Here and the thought-out lyrics and slight mysterious ways of Santi.

The record starts off with About a Girl, a song that almost sounds like it should be a love song when it is quite the opposite. The song is catchy and poetic in a certain way, and it really sums the album up quite nicely. The song Crowded Room seems to show an almost raw sound as if it belonged to the album Almost Here.

Not much. At all. XD
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Horrible, Horrible Juno Review

Juno MacGuff is an ordinary 16-year-old with a big problem: She is pregnant.

Teen pregnancy is not a subject often addressed in movies these days, but “Juno,” which hit theaters on Christmas Day, tackles the topic head-on while not being too preachy.

The plot is very simple. In the fall, Juno (Ellen Page) finds out that she is pregnant by her friend, Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). After considering a few ideas about what to do with the baby, Juno decides to put the baby up for adoption and finds the perfect couple, the Lorings (Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner).

After dealing with friendships, relationships, breakups, and her pregnancy, Juno finally has the baby in the spring. She and Paulie refuse to see it because they fear they will get attached if they do.

All of the actors seemed to fit the parts easily. The most stunning performance, of course, would be Ellen Page. It didn’t look like she was trying to be funny and witty. Everything about her looked real and relatable, which is a great thing for an actress to do for a normal character.

Not only has the movie been a big hit, but the soundtrack is very popular with audiences with songs by indie bands such as Belle & Sebastian. However, one song that seems to be overplayed. Every time the season changed into a new one, there seemed to be the same song playing. It could have been

Though the movie was highly anticipated, some critics have been disappointed in what it turned out to be. Some say it was not as funny as the commercials seemed to show and that it was trying too hard to be cute and quirky. Overall, the movie could be boring, but the sarcastic and comedic things that Juno says save it.

Despite some downfalls, “Juno” has its greatness. It is cute, funny, and shows something — teen pregnancy — that happens in real life.
Because the movie is about a pregnant teen, some parents may be worried that the movie may glamorize the matter. Though the main character is great to watch, the movie does not show anything for or against teen pregnancies. It only shows the story of a girl who goes through a lot in nine months.
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Nov. 15th, 2008



It has been such a long time being on here. First of all, I sadly had to take a break from INO for a while. Although my life has been going okay, I believe it can be a lot better as long as I make it and that's what my plans are. Before I go back to INO, I want to try to get everything back to normal and figure out what I want, well just at least a tiny bit. Nobody never knows what they want.

I decided that I'm going to write a story in my journal for English when we get Writer's Choice. Although, since the story is basically Ryan/Brendon I had to change a few things around. xD So now it's Ryan/Greta. But who doesn't love Greta? I'm actually surprised that the story is actually going well. I even wish that I could write more for those journals, but I can't my teacher really bored. If he even reads them.

I feel like I'm in a music rut but that's only because I refuse to buy some CDs. I love all the bands I listen to, but I don't have that much money. So it kind of sucks when something comes out and I still have to save for something else. D: At least FOB is coming out soon. I totally got depressed when I remembered it wasn't going out on November 4. I just really can't wait to review it and see what people say about it. And I really need to put it up here, and some other ones that I was too lazy to put up.

My teacher sucks at teaching Chemistry so now I'll probably have to call Patrick about the packet she gave us. And now that I'm not online so much, it's kind of weird. I try to do my homework for once. Maybe I should work on being a better student and actually turning in finished homework. I could at least get better A's, I guess. Even though my parents are still proud of me.

Wow. I write too much. >

Sep. 22nd, 2008


The Phrase That Pays

Junior year sucks. High school sucks. I really can't believe I wanted to be in high school when I was in middle school. Things are quickly falling apart.

I'm losing some of my friends, I'll probably fail many things, I'm putting myself in way too many things at once, and some of my friends are also very fucking depressed. Not to mention my slight depression.

I managed to fail at writing a review for Fast Times at Barrington High and I felt so horrible about it. But I now have a chance at redeeming myself and writing a review for FOB's new album, which I'm super excited about.

I keep trying to hold on to the things that have been keeping me positive throughout the years, and sometimes even those bring me down. And damn, I feel horrible. I don't give my friend Morgan enough credit. Morgan, you have no idea how much you mean to me at the moment. As of right now, you're practically my closest friend. You deal with my crazy ranting about bands and just my overall craziness. Not to mention you pushed me in front of a line to talk to Alex Suarez. I hope you never change. Really. And thanks. I lean on you way too much, but thanks for keeping me up without even knowing it.

I gave up on my creative writing to post anywhere. Nothing works. Or I just have some horrible long case of writer's block. Which is slightly true. I hope it goes away before my FOB review.

Maybe the next time I post, things will be slightly better. Psh, yeah right.
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Jul. 23rd, 2008


Unexpected Places

I've been such a whiny bitch recently. I feel sorry for my family and friends. Except Patrick, he deserves every yell and punch I give him. He keeps bothering me and making fun of my music. It gets so old fast.

In 2 weeks is Warped and I'm excited as hell. I can't wait. I'll finally be able to see Cobra Starship, possibly meet them as well? Hopefully. That would be great. Then after that will be a wonderful day at Six Flags in Chicago. I'll be so happy that weekend.

First, I have to survive band camp though. Tomorrow I have to teach all the Freshmen all the commands by myself because Alana won't be there, and so now I'm freaking out about it. I can't lead, I suck at leading. I guess I'll just have to fake confidence like crazy.

I still feel the same about everything right now. But I have to say, if I'm going to blog for The Voice, I'm totally making some of those posts crazy. I'd have to make in interesting, who wants to read a boring blog like this one? xD Panic fic still needs to go up but I'm still too lazy. I need to work on that as well.

Jul. 16th, 2008


Project Runway is back.

Oh hell yes. PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 5 HAS STARTED!!! So excited. Of course only the first episode was today so I know nobody's name. Except for the ones that were amazing and the ones that were horrid.

First of all, Stella. Um, EW. Why do you make a dress out of garbage bags when there's a whole market for you? The dress wasn't even good looking, I'm pretty sure you could actually try a lot more to make it look good or better.

Justin? I think that's his name, well his girl just looked like she was made for the crazy slasher fashion show. Should've left those rubber gloves alone, bud.

Blayne. He looks like he could have potentiel. The clothes he made to get on the show look good. I like the urban fashion for some reason. Hopefully he does better because, girlicious? No. That piece looked a little trashy. At least it looked done and was resourceful.

Kelly and Daniel. Loved both of their pieces. I loved how simple Daniel's cocktail dress was with just using paper cups. It was interesting and hard to believe he could work it. Kelly was so good with what she got. Using bleach and coloring the paper and burning the coffee filters was a smart decision. I'm glad she won. She deserved it.

Although it wasn't mentioned, I have to say that Joe guy's was good too. I really can't remember why but I thought it was worthy of high marks. It's pretty funny how almost everyone used table cloth when they were told they should try over-the-top. Oh Tim Gunn, he had to make a huge deal out of everything.

This season better good. Hopefully it won't have too much drama in though.

Jul. 7th, 2008


Ride It Out

Came back from drum major academy about a little more than a week ago. Fell in love with a few gay men. Oh yes, there were more gay guys there than I have ever seen in one place at once. It was crazy. And completely awesome. I made a lot of friends and I kind of miss them though.

I thank god I'm back now. Even though I have a journal now needing to be filled before I have to read The Catcher in the Rye. At least I'm trying to keep myself busy with Honors English. I hate having to suffer through summer work because I actually like literature.

While trying to do homework, I'm still trying to write a story. It's not going so well. But hopefully it'll be on satd soon. Maybe someone will like it and make me update and such. I need inspiration, badly.

I feel like I'm losing my friends and then I wish I could actually go to parties every weekend. I feel like I'm becoming a wreck. On the inside. Hopefully this is just a phase.

Jun. 22nd, 2008


Calling All Skeletons

Came back from NY Saturday morning. Leaving for drum major (band) camp tomorrow. This whole month has gone by so quickly and has been completely busy. I'm in total love with Katy Perry's new song I Kissed a Girl, which is quite hilarious to me. Since I think I may be bi, it makes me happy and laugh when I see the video. I wonder what my family would think about me if I ever tell them.

There are too many movies coming out this summer. Too many movies I would love to see so I can become poor and mooch off of my parents again. That's how I normally live. I'm a parasite, basically. Sometimes it's not a good thing.

Drum major (band) camp better be fun or good. My highest hope would to find somebody cute and fall in love with them. Hah. What a joke. I can dream though, can't I?


Apr. 25th, 2008


Panic? at the Disco - Review

They say change is good, but that might not be the thought some of Panic at the Disco’s fans have when they hear the new album “Pretty.Odd.” The group has ditched its exclamation point and pop music for songs with more instrumentation and love themes.

It seems as if the band has grown during its more than two-year absence from the music world. Most of the songs have lost the pop sound and gone to a folksy, Beatles-inspired sound.

Though some of the string instrumentation seems a little overpowering at times, it is apparent that all of the band members’ skills have gotten better. While the lead singer’s voice was strong on the first album, it has gotten even stronger.

Not only that, the guitarist also has learned to sing well; he sings one song solo, as well as sections of other songs. Even the bassist and the drummer take part in backup vocals.

Despite this huge change, many good things come out of the new sound.

For once, we actually hear a guitar, instead of it being hidden by overplayed bells or piano. Even better, a guitar solo or two pop up. This may help fans to actually appreciate the skills and not just dance around to the catchy music.

Of course, not everybody will be happy with the change. Some will miss the upbeat sound with the depressing lyrics, while others may think that the band is trying to copy The Beatles. The band even recorded part of the album on Abbey Road.

The 15-track album starts and ends with two great songs: “We’re So Starving” and “Mad as Rabbits.”

While “We’re So Starving” starts the album with a slight push in the direction of the new sound, “Mad as Rabbits” leaves listeners with a great mix of vocals, fanfare and orchestral music.

All in all, “Pretty.Odd.” is more pretty than it is odd. “She Had the World,” “Northern Downpour” and “When the Day Met the Night” are three of the prettiest and best-sounding songs Panic at the Disco has released. Songs such as “Folkin’ Around,” “I Have Friends in Holy Spaces” and “The Piano Knows Something I Don’t Know” add to the odd side of the album.

After suffering the tragic loss of the exclamation point, cheer up by listening to Panic(!) at the Disco’s amazing new album.
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Apr. 9th, 2008


First post? Ohhhh.

So I felt like posting for the first time to see it on my journal. So to settle some things, I guess I could just rant. This is my first livejournal. My friend gave it to me since it used to be hers but she never used it. I think I know what my username means, something along the lines of From Autumn to Ashes? Maybe From Fire to Ashes? I don't know. My friend's the one who made it. So I'm deciding to put some reviews I already wrote up here for people to read. Once I get more friends, that is. So yeah. First post that nobody will read? Check.

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