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Today has been one of the worst days ever. Of course it was an A day, and that just ruins the day somewhat. I mean, who would want Fitness, Chemistry, and English all in one day? I don't. Especially when the Chemistry teacher doesn't teach well at all.

But this morning I saw my phone slip out of my purse and thought I would get it when I get to school. Got there and couldn't find it for the life of me, and it was freezing so I had to go inside before Alana would get mad at me (I had to get there early for Recorders practice. Blegh).

After school is art club and I went there, finally found my phone on the other side of my car and realized that it was basically dead. And it was freezing when you touched it. It really was dead.

Art club ends and I get in my car and can't find my iPod. I freak out, so I run into the art room to make sure I didn't leave it behind and I didn't find any little blue iPod around so I decide that it could be in my car again. I drive and start freaking out that I won't be able to find it. Longer story short, I still can't find it. And I'm freaking out and ladjfioajfa. This is seriously not cool anymore. I want my little blue music player of awesomeness to come back to me. I was even thinking about naming it a good name. But fuck. I'm scared. I can't find it. And it's seriously like, the 4th I've gotten. I'm screwed. And almost crying again. I just don't know what to do.

I complain way too much but this iPod is almost my life. I love it dearly and I just want it back.
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