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Carry Me Home

Thankfully I got out today early from school. Even if it's just one hour. It makes me excited for the break we get. Patrick comes home soon so I'm kind of scared to get on the computer when he gets here. He always bothers me when I'm on it.

I still can't find Alex (missing iPod, yes I named it that) so I have to use my old iPod, Greta. Which is actually Pat's old one. Sighh. I'm so bad at keeping things together. So I now can only put 500 songs on Greta and that's not enough for me. Really. So I'm deciding that I will use whatever Christmas gift cards I get and use those and some money I save up to buy the new iPod nanos. And to tell my mom that I actually lost my old one. Which I'm still incredibly upset about.

FOB are coming to St. Louis and I feel so upset that I can't see them. Again. I just would absolutely love it if I could just see them once in my life. I've missed my favorite band so many times it's not funny. Thankfully Josh knows what to do and decided that we should have a day of rocking out with our own guitars to FOB songs and after that, movie marathon. That kid seriously makes me smile.

Oh, and I'm such a bad kid. I know where the secret Christmas stash is and was really really surprised to see Wii stuff. If we're going to get a Wii this Christmas, I'm going to be so happy. And hopefully we'll get Wii Fit, because that's so fun. I should really start to think about my Christmas memoir I have to write for English class. I really want to write about the time I fell after just standing up to go ice skate. xD But I didn't learn anything of course.

One more thing, my school sucks. Everybody in the school has to take PE every single year. Which means I'm going to General PE. Love Fitness, but not worth it during Senior year. On happy news, I'm getting my hair cut Saturday. Hopefully it'll end up like Katy Perry's. I can't help but loving her hair!

Happy Thanksgiving and whatnot.