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I Don't Care

I'm done with school until the new year! Fuck yes! No more finals that I didn't study for! Hallelujah! Christmas is coming and I'm so excited. School is going by so fast yet so slow at the same time. It completely sucks. Especially when one of my friends keeps complaining about another. dklajfdoa. Nope. Not getting into it.

I'm doing a review on Folie a Deux and I'm excited. I don't have writer's block at all and it just feels wonderful to be writing what I think besides, "It's so great." I actually have some dislikes to write about even though I love the CD like crazy. I have to get it done by Sunday and thankfully I wrote some of it before it came out, since I got the leak. But like a good little fan, I had my mom buy the CD for me. xD I thought I wasn't going to have the time that day.

After all these finals and feeling like a failure in many ways, I think I deserve some good fun that includes alcohol? Y/N? xD God, I feel like a bad kid for putting that up here, but I really don't care.

I think I might be going back on INO for a while. If things get off track again, then I'll take another break from it. I love it and all the people there, but sometimes it really distracts me from more important things. Not that I think the people on there aren't important. They help me too. Damn, I rant too much on here.

Anyways. Fall Out Boy review coming soon. Yay! Christmas presents for me under the Christmas tree. Yay! Somebody needs to be planning a party during break for the group! Yay? Annddd, I know one of the things Morgan is getting for Christmas! Mwahaha. YAY.

Happy Holidays. <3


Omg, what?! And I need to buy presents for people. you get to help me with that tomorrow.
Are you omg whating at that I know one of your presents? And you're actually buying people presents? Please be for family, because I will look like such a bitch if everybody buys people presents but me. Srsly.