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Still Around

So I actually have time to write on my lj for once. Only because I felt like shit at school and couldn't stop coughing. Getting me to go to the nurse and be able to go home for half the day. It feels so wonderful to not be at school right now. I really needed a break.

In awesome news, I'm going to see Fall Out Boy in Chicago! So freaking excited! Whoooo! Not to mention I now know what the hell was wrong with my iTunes when it wouldn't play my songs.

In sad news, the editor for The Voice went to a different job and it really upsets me. Kelsea was so awesome and she really helped me be better at writing reviews and such. I wouldn't have decent if it wasn't for her. So now The Voice is searching for a new editor and meeting leader and I'm scared to see who it will be. Even worse, I won't be able to shadow Kelsea for the job shadowing this year. That really sucks. I'm going to have to shadow someone I don't know.

I saw Slumdog Millionaire and feel in love instantly. It was so freaking amazing. I'm thinking about writing a mock review article just for fun about it because I'm such a freak. But it's totally worth it. Too bad I didn't call it to write for a real review to be put in The Voice.

I'm so sorry Morgan! But I have a date for prom now, even though it's really really early. I decided to ask my friend Josh who's a year younger because he's just awesome. It's going to be so fun. Well, hopefully.

I think that's about it. There's nothing really going on since the fucking play is taking up my time. Even when I'm only in five minutes of one act. I hate Dale Mason with a passion. He ruins lives. And so do possible crushes. He needs to stop being so cute and all that crap. And liking the same music as me. Ugh.