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Get It Together

Oh god, I haven't been on in so long! I feel so bad. I just recently found twitter and suddenly become addicted to that! Well, nothing new has really happened in life. ACT's are coming up and I'm freaking out while trying to write the major research paper for English.

I have a prom date? Lmao, it's just my friend Josh. I hate this school I go to too, everybody thinks we're dating. We're just friends people, deal with it. Oh, and now we're dissecting fetal pigs! It's weird for a while. I'm still slowly getting used to it. And now the first big test over the pig is coming up and I'm also freaking out about that.

April just really sucks. I got into NHS though. So big plus I guess since it help with colleges accepting you. I'm also hoping I get a job soon. I need money badly.

I can't remember if this is actually posted but I'm going to see FOB! I'm so fucking happy! I finally get to see my favorite band of all time live! And it's with another favorite, Cobra! I'm excited. May is just going to be one awesome month. I'll finally pracitcally be a "senior" in high school in May! I just have to survive April hopefully.

Oh, and before I go I must say this. Finding colleges to go to sucks. My mom keeps telling me to keep looking and I'm just so tired of it. I don't think I got a day without hearing that word in real life. It freaks me out. Okay, I'm tired of typing so much. Later.